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Extreme Holiday Gifting: Organ Donation
Vermin shared a kidney with his mom, and he's here to explain why you should look at organ donation, too!


Vote Jesus...

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Vote Jesus

The Chronicles of Ken Stevenson


Vermin Supreme goes undercover as Presidential Candidate Ken Stevenson to learn about American Morals and Values

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In an election climate where candidates succeed by discouraging citizens from engaging in independent cognitive activity, repeat Candidate Vermin Love Supreme , (the only bona-fide American Presidential Candidate to actually donate a living organ,) has broken away from the rat pack.

Whatever public office he's seeking, Vermin's participation in electoral forums raises the critical questions that your run-of-the-mill apparatchicks will necessarily ignore. But once raised, these issues have refused to die.

Only through Vermin Supreme's dilligent campaigning over the years have certain questions and issues of policy come to the foreground, specifically...

  • Dental Hygiene Law
  • Flying Monkey Public Safety Assurance Program
  • Time Travel Research Funding


On the campaign trail, Vermin Supreme likes to start his sentences with “I am the only candidate who supports…” And it’s true: he is the only candidate who supports fully funding time-travel research in order to go back and kill Hitler before he was born. He’s also the only candidate who makes mandatory toothbrushing his signature issue. After all, as he says in his dental manifesto, “Proper dental hygiene is essential to proper social order.” If you’re worried about flying monkey tooth fairies enforcing the mandatory toothbrushing laws, fear not, since Vermin Supreme is also the only candidate who promises that such creatures will not be used to that end. -Full Art Tickle

Variety Magazine says...

"Vermin Supreme stood before a line of police on horses and sang the theme from Mr. Ed...' " (more...)

"Some Guy" says...

"A large part of (Vermin's) platform relates to promoting better dental hygiene ('Stong Teeth for a Strong America'). To make sure the American people regularly brush and floss, he promises: 'Warrantless random no-knock dental inspections; Government issued toothpaste containing addictive yet harmless substances; Video surveillance through two way bathroom mirrors; Electronic tracking, moisture and motion sensor devices in all toothbrushes. ...Our favorite among his proposals: 'Gene splicing to create a race of winged monkeys to act as tooth fairies.' " more...)



Vermin on the Campaign Trail

Attacked by Rudy's goons, brushing Kucinich's teeth force, and the greatest Star Spangled Banner rendition on bullhorn ever!


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This Man

Notice his rambling, aimless sort of sadness. This is because he did not endorse Vermin.

Don't let this happen to you...

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